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A Bad Man gone Good

Ain't nobody calls me a liar and goes to bed happy.

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Birthdate:May 7
Location:Georgia, United States of America
"By his own account he was a skinny, balding, unshaven collection of bad habits marinated in alcohol, although these days he is better shaved and doesn't drink. Partly as a result of this latter fact, he is morose, cynical and ridiculously - and to his own embarassment - soft-hearted in certain circumstances. He is almost certainly one of Nature's policemen; it has been said of him that his soul burns to arrest the Creator of the universe for getting it wrong.

He loathes kings, and hates undead and assassins. He is also unashamedly speciesist - he deeply dislikes trolls and dwarfs, but in an almost proprietyroial way, so that he has risked his life and badge to defend them merely so that he can continue to dislike them. He hates the city in the same way; it's his to hate. " - Discworld Companion (on Samuel Vimes)

These lyrics from the song "Memphis" have been used to describe me by several different people.

"Read about you in a faulkner novel
Met you once in a williams play
Heard about you in a country love song
Summer nights beauty took my breath away"

I'm a native Southerner (Georgian to be precise), though I was born in England, my mother and I relocated to Atlanta in 1968. Despite all that, I am a true southern male, gothic gunslinger, redneck-genius and console-cowboy.

I'm a scholar in a warrior's body, a poet without a pen, a gentleman rogue, Gothic cowboy, a spirtualist without a god. If this were the 1700s I would be waylaying travelers for their money and stealing a kiss as I rode away. They'd have hanged me, but the people would have cried.

I have a dry wit, my idea of a great comedy is "O Brother Where Art Thou?." Sardonic, dark, and twisted have been used to describe my sense of humor.

I like eye contact. Eyes are the first thing I look at. My gaze has been called "intense." I am always looking to see what I can learn from looking someone in the eyes.

I read voraciously, it is seldom that I meet a book I can't finish.

The gym is my catharsis. I spend an hour on the treadmill or a half our working out and the feeling afterward is like fire in my blood, I'm not obsessive about it, but I love the rush.
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